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Friday 9 December 2022

Drishyam 2 Good Story

 Drishyam 2 Good Story

Director: Abhishek Pathak

Writer: Aamil Keeyan Khan, Abhishek Pathak 

      Ajay Devgn, Tabu, Akshaye Khanna, Shriya Saran, Ishitn, Rajat Kapoor

 not difficult to discern why the Drishyam franchise across languages is now commercially verry successful. It’s i not the storytelling it’s the story. Beneath its cheap narrative tow lies the quiet endorsement of second-class morality. All the bases are covere. A wife and husband protects his family at all cast. halfeducated girl outwits a system designed to prey of people like him. Privilege is A parent of a super girl defeats the parent of an entitled boy. Performance is the super hero on ajay The family must pretend to be normal when they’re not. Most of all, a middle-aged Indian weaponis his best love for the movies. Cinema is his superpower. Escapism defines his escape. The flexibility of film –represented by the family man audacity and planning  is at war with the rigidity of story represented by the law enforcement process struggling to nail him. By daily rooting for him is we are reclaiming the relationship between cinep and human character. There’s a difference, after all, between visual and photo–one is determined by sight the other by societal.

A Hindi remake on Jeethuns Joseph hit Malayalam sequel, Drishyam  extends the meta commentary on this relationship. The smart thing about Joseph original screenplay is that the sequel, for most part, looks like a replay of the most 1 film.  the face of it then, history is repeating itself. Everyone is older but no wiser. Seven years later, the Salgaonka family led by protagonist Vijay (Ajay )  is again under scrutiny. They again note change furtive glances with each .  cat-and-mouse game in Goa resumes then hunt for evidence in Pondolendo continues. The IG (Akshaye ) might be new, but the team is not. Mother of the murdered boy, Meera (Tabu), is back from London, as is bad cop Gaitondent (Kamlesh ) from a long suspension. Vijay is again on the book fot for a majority of the investigation him ajay. The family is ortured again. The only difference is note that we audience, start from the spac of knowing where Vijay has show the body. So it’s not about outwitting the system is very anymore. It’s about outsmarting karma.

Testing our patience seem him to be part of the sequel conceit. Is lulls us into a state where we look at the film story  really watching it. This detachment means that we don’t dwell on some seemingly randomly details. Like then Vijay – who now owns a cinema holl preparing to produce his own mast  film. Like his vague meeting to with a scrip. Like his day-night drinkings sessions with a security guard slated to act in his so film. A the outdoor CCTV cameras that need to be repaire. Like a cemetery worker expresyens his reverence for Vijay. Like an on-handed chat about a book.

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