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Thursday 25 March 2021

What to do to increase hemoglobin HB count ?

Deficiency of hemoglobin (HB) is a common problem.  Which is caused by a deficiency of certain types of vitamins and minerals.  Not eating a balanced diet can lead to problems such as nutritional deficiencies and malnutrition.  Deficiency of hemoglobin in the body causes yellowing.  Many people treat it only with an iron pill, and many people treat it with a vitamin-rich diet.

How much should hemoglobin be ?

At birth

> 12.5 - ૨૪g / dl (grams per deciliter)

In women

> Age 15-16 years: 15-16 g / dl

> Age over 18: 12.1-16.1 g / dl

In men

> Age 15-16 years: 12-14g / dl

> Age over 18: 12.5-16.5 g / dl

Symptoms of hemoglobin deficiency

Fatigue, weakness, headache, irritability, shortness of breath, dizziness, not exercising.

It is not easy to guess that you are suffering from anemia.

Hemoglobin deficiency is caused by certain lifestyles and habits.

Women have an increased risk of hemoglobin deficiency in certain conditions.

When there is a deficiency of hemoglobin, especially when menstrual blood flow is high.

The risk of hemoglobin deficiency increases during pregnancy, after childbirth as well as while breastfeeding.

What foods should be taken in case of hemoglobin deficiency

Iron-rich foods

Iron is considered to be a very important element in hemoglobin deficiency.

Iron-rich foods such as spinach, almonds, dates, lentils, jaggery, etc.

Iron supplements can also be taken.  A doctor's advice should be sought for proper diet of iron as even more iron-rich foods can harm the body.

Increase vitamin-C intake

The body cannot fully absorb iron without the help of vitamin-C.

Vitamin-C rich foods like papaya, lemon, strawberry, red broccoli, capsicum, grapes, tomatoes and spinach should be taken.

Vitamin-C supplements can also be taken with a doctor's advice.

Felic acid

Felic acid is a B complex vitamin.  The body needs it to create blood cells.

Foods rich in folic acid such as green leafy vegetables, rice beans, wheat seeds, peanuts, bananas, broccoli etc. should be taken.

After taking the advice of a doctor, 500ml to 500ml daily supplements can be taken.


Beets are considered a very good food for raising hemoglobin levels.  It is rich in iron, folic acid, fiber as well as potassium.  It is very nutritious, as well as helps increase the number of red blood cells in the body.

ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો


Eating an apple a day can control hemoglobin levels.  Apples are rich in iron.  As well as other ingredients of apples are also beneficial for health, which also helps in raising the level of hemoglobin.


Pomegranates are rich in calcium, iron, protein, fiber and carbohydrates.  Its nutrients help maintain normal levels of hemoglobin in the blood, as well as help maintain blood flow.  Take a pomegranate for breakfast or drink its juice every day.

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