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Sunday 7 March 2021

Such a new system in LPG: the only way to open the cylinder, no less gas

In the new process of LPG, the cylinder can be opened only with OTP with smart lock and barcode.

● A big decision taken with the LPG cylinder

● OTP, barcode and smartlock help will be taken

● Now no one but the customer gets the cylinde

● Can't steal gas from the cylinder

It is often complained that the vendor who gives the cylinder has less gas. The gas is extracted from the big cylinder and filled in the small cylinders.  Even if you pay the full amount for the cylinder, you do not get the full gas.  Gas companies have invented a new alchemy for this.  From now on, the cylinder will have a smart lock so that no one other than the customer can open the gas cylinder and gas theft can be prevented.

The process began in November last year

According to the decision, the process was started in November 2020 but it will be applied in almost every cylinder from now on. Last year, gas companies introduced a delivery authentication code which is sent to the customer and based on which the gas can be used.  It is an OTP used to open the cylinder.

How OTP will work

In this new process, when a customer books a gas cylinder, a code arrives on his mobile.  This code is sent to the customer's registered mobile number.  The vendor can give the cylinder to the true customer based on the OTP.  It has been launched on the basis of pilot projects in several districts of the country.  Given the success it will now be implemented in other places.

Only the customer can open the cylinder

In this new system the vendor will be able to give you the cylinder.  When you give DAC i.e. OTP on your mobile. It will not steal the cylinder and no one other than the customer will be able to open the cylinder.  This system is not started for commercial cylinders.  The project is running in 100 smart cities of the country, after success it will also be implemented on commercial cylinders.  If you have not registered your mobile number in the gas company's app, you will have to register it.  Only then can the supply of the cylinder be obtained.

What is an anti theft machine

A technology developed by a student from Meerut called LPG Smart Lock.  Only after this special cap is applied can the customer open it, no one else can open the cylinder.  The institute has patented the smart lock.  Now the gas company is being approached so that it can be fitted in the cylinder.

ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરી

Barcodes cannot be stolen

With this new technique, barcode and anti-theft LPG smart lock will be installed on the cylinder in the gas filling plant.  The vendor will have to scan the barcode on the cylinder when he takes it to your home to supply the cylinder.  An OTP will appear on the customer's mobile when the vendor scans the barcode.  This will be required to unlock the OTP cylinder, giving it to the vendor after opening the lock.  After this the chances of gas theft will be reduced and customers will get the full cylinder.

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