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Tuesday 16 February 2021

What to do to cure knee pain-swelling

The knee joint is structurally complex.  It is the most functional and load-bearing joint of the body.  The knee joint also plays an important role in both movement and position during body movements and standing.  Complaints of wear and tear in the knee joints are more common in today's modern lifestyle.

Let’s understand about the knee joints

The knee joint is the largest and most complex joint in the body.  A joint where more than one bone is joined is called a joint.  The knee is a joint that allows the thiobone, shinbone, fibula, and nipple to join and move.  The knee joint contains synovial fluid that maintains the muscles that bind the bones, tendons and lubrication in the joints.

This causes swelling in the knee, pain, obstruction of the movement of the knee, causing every problem.  In common parlance it is called knee pain but it is important to know which part of the knee joint is affected and treat it accordingly.  So those who suffer from knee problems on social occasions or other occasions get rid of knee pain by eating fenugreek, right?  Or if you have knee pain, does walking exercise cause problems?  Asking such questions.  The curiosity of the questioner is understandable.  But they cannot be answered before they are diagnosed with the cause of the knee pain.  That is why patients do not benefit from the medicines distributed in the market as a miracle cure for knee pain.  Injury to the muscles involved in the formation of the knee, stretching, swelling or injury to the knee, displacement, decreased synovial fluid, weight gain, improper walking, getting up and sitting, other activities such as sports, bone loss or alignment.  May be.  That is why proper testing, individual lifestyle, blood test and diagnosis is done when needed.  If rheumatoid arthritis factor is present in the blood, uric acid levels may be higher.  All of these factors આધારે based on clinical judgment and nature tests નક્કી determine the treatment for knee swelling, pain, or wear and tear.

ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો

Common Remedies for Knee Disease - Precautions

The knee joint does almost the same job as the hinge at the door.  Only support the joints without using any muscle while standing.  The knees are used when the body bends down, sits, gets up.  The knees are used to pre માટે vent throbbing while walking or running.  The movement of the various bones attached to the joint helps to move without wear and tear.  It also regulates the balance of the nervous body attached to the meniscus cartilage and regulates the proper distribution of weight in both the lower tibula and femur bones.  In addition, the ligaments that connect the bones to each other and the tendons that connect the bones and ligaments keep the knee joint connected and functioning easily.

If you are overweight, do continuous activities such as running, jogging, cycling for a long time, get in the habit of sitting on a sofa or chair with the support of the knees, putting the whole body weight on one knee, gaining weight on one foot only.  Whether it is the habit of standing for long periods of time or working on bumpy roads, on rocky ground without proper shoes, the side effects of knees can be caused by straining the muscles or ligaments to maintain body balance.

Proportionate body weight is essential to reduce the side effects of excess weight on the knee joints.

Wear appropriate footwear and ensure that the knees are not misused during activities such as walking and standing.

Swelling in the ligaments and tendons used in the formation of the muscles that support the knee or in the knee may be responsible for the ‘thus’ in the blood.

That is why following natural food and drink, adhering to chari, especially sour foods, fermented preservatives, stopping market foods and following the treatment prescribed for 'Aam-digestion' in Ayurveda relieves redness, swelling, stiffness and pain in the knees.

Allow the doctor to decide which of the medications, punchkarma, physiotherapy, shakes will be appropriate in your case as per the guidelines to cure knee pain due to osteoarthritis, gout, rheumatism or other causes.

If it seems necessary to prevent this from happening with a simple medicine like castor bean herb with natural food, then consult a doctor for treatment of violation of Ayurvedic method, lightening of the body with the help of transplantation and removal of joint swelling.

Ayurvedic herbal medicines like Shallaki, Galo, Ashwagandha, Punarnava, Turmeric can be taken very easily.  All of these herbs have the property of reducing muscle and ligament swelling, as well as cushioning bones in the joints, and regenerating cells by removing the deformities caused by flatulence.

Experience: Regular use of cow's milk, ghee, dates, green vegetables in the diet for bone loss with increasing age and when the bones are weakened due to improper nutrition.  Don't just rely on vitamins and calcium supplements.

Dr.  Young Iyer.Ayurveda Physician.Health.

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