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Monday, 15 February 2021

Get an income of Rs. 4950 per month from this post office scheme, find out how

Who doesn't want a good return.  People invest in all kinds of schemes to get good returns.  He also keeps an eye on the stock market.  There is a risk in the ups and downs of the stock market and even after taking all the risks, no definite amount is decided.  In addition the common man is annoyed for a fixed monthly income.

○ You will be able to get interest up to 5 thousand per month

○ Up to 9 lakh can be deposited

○ Anyone above the age of 18 can open an account

Deposit a fixed amount for the right time

As far as the post office is concerned, there are many such schemes going on today.  By investing in it you can get a fixed monthly income.  By depositing a fixed amount at the right time you can get a good return every month which can meet your big need.  If you are investing in this scheme, you can get five thousand rupees per month.

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The amount of interest will be received every month

The special thing about the post office's monthly income plan is that its interest is calculated every year.  For example, if an investor opens a joint account in this scheme and deposits Rs 9 lakh in it, he can earn Rs 4950 per month.  The annual interest rate on capital is 6.6 per cent at Rs 59,400.  As such the monthly amount of your interest is 4950.  Which you can take every month.  The amount you get each month will be just the amount of interest and your capital will be the same.  Which you can pick up at maturity.

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