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Monday 15 February 2021

Find out which vehicles need to be fitted with FASTag, for how much money and from where

You too can easily create a fastag this way if FASTag is becoming mandatory from 12 noon tonight.

○ There will be a FASTag tonight from 12 noon

 ○ Find out on which trains the fastag is inevitable

 ○ Find out how fastag can be made for a fee

FASTag has become mandatory for every train in the country from 12 noon tonight i.e. the night of 15th February.  In this case, if you plan to walk on the highway in the morning or if you are going to a wedding, find out if your car needs a fastag.

Vehicle with white number plate

If the number plate of your vehicle is white then you need to have FASTag while passing through the toll gate on the highway.  If not, you will have to pay double the toll tax.

Bullet rides became cheaper

The inevitability of FASTag has kept the two-wheeler away.  There seems to be no toll on a two-wheeler on the highway.  If you are going somewhere with a bullet, you can go back without any worries.  If you are taking the expressway you have to pay toll on it for your journey.

Commercial vehicle

If you are driving a commercial vehicle and your number plate is yellow then truck or cab you need FASTag to pass through the toll plaza on the highway.

Where to buy FASTag

More than 40,000 centers have been set up across the country where FASTag can be purchased.  Apart from this you can also buy it from Paytm, Digital Wallet, Flipkart.  You can order it at home and put it on the windscreen in front of your car.  You can recharge it with UPI, debit card, credit card.  If there is a link to the Fastag bank account, the rupee will be automatically deducted from your account.

How much does FASTag cost?

The National Payment Corporation of India has priced Fastag at Rs 100.  Apart from this, a security deposit of Rs 200 has to be given.

How to make a fastag

A fastag is a sticker affixed to a vehicle's windscreen.  At the time of crossing at the toll, the device is connected to the scanner attached to the toll plaza with the help of radio frequency identification technology and then the rupee is deducted from the account linked to Fastag.  It does not need to stop at the toll plaza.

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Keep this in mind

Vehicles with FASTag should have a speed of 25-30 km per hour whenever they pass through a toll gate.  Do not stop at a toll plaza.  If you slowly remove the vehicle from the toll plaza, you can hit the boom barrier.  Because at a certain time that barrier comes down.  If you haven't read your FASTag, talk to a Toll Plaza employee and you're done.

It will cost twice as much

If your fastag is not working or not valid, you may have to pay double the toll to cross the highway.  This rule applies even if there is no fastag.

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