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Monday, 11 January 2021

Update Your Adhar card process in online

Friends, everyone will have Aadhaar card and also use it Be lifting.  Nowadays Aadhaar card is required for all work  If there is a link to your number, you can use it in many places Can be used. The mobile number is not linked in the Aadhaar card of the friends or not Today if you want to change the old mobile number Let us know. Friends let you know that you have to go to the center once But this center will be as per your wish and date And the time will also be as you wish.  Surprisingly That means you don't have to stand in a long line for this

Just go at the time you set and the work will be done quickly. So let us know the mobile number link with Aadhaar card

How to do or change mobile number ?

 1) First go to Chrome browser in your mobile Search

2) Now it will have many options, out of which Book an Click on Appointment.

 3) Then you will see two similar options in which Book an Appointment at Registrar run Adhar Seva kendra Read it carefully. Proceed to Book Click the Appointment option.

 4) Now select Resident type in Indian Resident only Leave selected.  If not selected, select it.

 5) Then tick the mobile number option below and Below is your mobile number or if a new mobile number Enter if you want to delete.

6) Then enter Captcha Code and send OTP below Click above.

 7) Now OTP code on the mobile number you have entered Enter and click on Submit OTP & Proceed Please.

8) Now you will see two options New enrollment and Another Update Aadhar from which you need Update Aadhar You have to click on the option.

9 ) Then the information will have to be filled in which Aadhaar card According to You will have to write your name and Aadhaar card number.

10) In the following type, only Indian Resident will be ticked.You will then be told below what you want to update In it you have to tick the mobile number option and then Click on Proceed.(Friends, after clicking on Proceed, a pop up will appear In which you have to click on Ok.)

11) Then in the Update Mobile Number that will open You will have to enter a new mobile number again.(Then enter the captcha code and click on send OTP Have to do.)

12) Now once again on the mobile number you entered Enter the OTP box and click on Verify OTP To do. (Then click on Save & Proceed.)

13) Then click on the checkbox in the box that appears And then click Submit. So friends, now your application has been in green letters will be written and your Appointment Id Will be given to write. Then book below Click on Appointment.

14) Now friends, pay special attention to you in different ways You have to decide the center around you by center name by Pincode

 3.state, district, post office 24-village Huila The best way to do that is to be number three in which you Naming state, district, post office and village And click on Get Details.

15) Now it will show you the name of the center around you in which Go to the nearest center to Book Appointment Click.

16) Then the date on which you want to come You will be asked to click the date as per your wish Take it.(Friends especially remember that the date will be in red only No, you cannot select a date that is green You can select it.)

ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો

17) Now you also have your convenient time on that date Select and submit.

18) Then you will get pay details in which you have below Tick ​​Pay at Center so that you have Rs Will have to go and pay.(Then click on Confirm and the recipt comes Get it printed.) Just print the selected center at the time you specified To carry Friends in a long line since you booked an appointment You don't have to stand up, your work will be done quickly and in 2 hours Mobile number will be changed.

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