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Wednesday 27 January 2021

A big change in the rules of driving license in Gujarat, every driver needs to know this detail

Automatic motorcars will henceforth be valid in the driving test for obtaining a four wheeler vehicle license at the RTO.

Gandhinagar: The Gujarat government has once again made it easier for motorists by changing the rules for obtaining state driving licenses.  Under the new rule, any driver will now be able to take a driving test even from an automatic car.

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Explaining this, Sunaina Tomar, Principal Secretary, Department of Vehicle Operations, said that from now on, automatic motorcars will be valid in the driving test for obtaining a four-wheeler vehicle license at the RTO.  No official or man from a private agency involved in the test will be able to refuse to take a test drive in a car equipped with reverse camera, sensor technology, said the front secretary of the Department of Vehicle Operations.

Until now, the RTO rules have been arbitrarily interpreted as driving cars with manual instead of automatic gears.  In big cities like Surat-Ahmedabad, tests given by automatic cars were rejected.

In this regard, the front secretary Sunaina Tomar said that in the RTO, the sensor based tracking system is allowed to test driving with automatic car.  He said that amid the chaos created regarding traffic rules, the high-level meeting of the Department of Vehicle Transactions was held earlier.  In this meeting, it has been decided to make all the field offices including Ahmedabad, Surat, Rajkot operational two hours early every morning for the work including license, PUC and also to continue on Sunday.

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Driving test can also be given with automatic car and reverse in car, parking camera on.  "This technology is for safety," he said.  However, if the private agencies operating the sensor-based tracking system validate the test with an automatic car or reverse camera, the citizen applying for a license can succeed in the first test.  Automated and camera-driven motorcars were not accepted as their revenue in the name of process fees would go down if they did not come to test frequently.  Now no official or agency can deny it.  The government is also considering setting up a call center-like mechanism for such complaints.

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