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Wednesday 21 December 2022

How is a computer hardisk?

 5 facts about hard disk

  A hard disk contains a number of objects.

  Hard disks normally have limited space.

  The world's smallest hard disk was invented by Dutch scientists in 2016.

  Hard disk is not airtight.

  Hard drives can be easily password protected.

Complete history of hard disk

  Considered as a hard disk, or hard drive and disk drive.  It is like a magnetic disk that is used to store and retrieve computer data.

  The first hard disk drive was produced by IBM in 1956 and shipped in 1957 as a component of the IBM 305 random access memory accounting system.  Originally designed as a 35 disk storage unit, the hard disk consisted of a magnetic disk memory unit.  Its access mechanism, electronic and pneumatic controls for the access mechanism and a small air compressor.

Assembled with cover in size, it was 150cm long, 170cm high and 73cm deep.  It was configured with 50 25-inch magnetic disks holding 50,000 sectors, each containing 100 alphanumeric characters, for a total capacity of 5 million characters.

  The disc rotated at 1300 rpm, recording tracks (20 by 10 inches) at 100 bits per inch.  Execution of the "seek" instruction places a read-write on the track containing the desired sector and selects the sector for subsequent read or write operations.  Search time averages 700 milliseconds.  IBM originally sold their first manufactured hard disk for $20,000 per megabyte.

During the first few decades of developing hard disk drives, IBM was a pioneer: in 1962, it invented heads for disk drives that "floated" on cushions of air or "air bearings". In 1964 it was the first removable head.  One such hard drive came with the 1311, which has a 13-inch platter and holds 2.5MB. In 1968, it introduced the first drive using a wound-coil ferrite recording head. In 1973, IBM released the 3340 or Winchester Direct Access Storage Facility.  The smaller and lighter 3340 marked the next natural evolutionary step in hard disk storage.

Hard Disk: How it works and why

  As mentioned earlier, hard disks save and retrieve computer data using magnetic storage.  Nowadays, almost all computers and servers have one or more hard disks, which preserve digital data relatively permanently due to the capabilities of these disks, which serve to remember the information even after your computer has lost power.

A hard disk is circular, and uses a flat disk called a platter, coated on a magnetic medium, which collects information as a magnetic pattern.  The platters are stacked and mounted on the spindle.  Driven by several motors attached to the spindle, the platter rotates at high speed Both of these electromagnetic read/write heads are used to read or write data from the disk platter.  The read/write head is mounted on an arm, whose position is controlled by an actuator.  The logic board controls the drive's activities and communicates with the connected computer system.

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  A hard disk stores data in binary code using 0s and 1s.  To store any information, the disk(s) spreads such information on its magnetic surface and is written and read by the read head immediately above the surface with the help of the air layer created by the rotation on the ultra-fast disk.

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Friday 16 December 2022

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यहां से 10 रुपए की नोट का फोटो भेजो और खरीदो*🎬Drishya 2* मुवी की टिकट: Book Now


Bhediya movie टिकेट: Book Now

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Thursday 15 December 2022

Bhediya full movie

 Bhediya story:   

A road construction contractor, is a Bhaskar, goes to Arunachal Pradesh tow build a highway through the dense jungle of Ziro. Besides opposition from the tribals it his companions cousin Jm, friend Jomin and he,is have a bigger not challenge. A series of unexpected deaths take place soon after bhediya is bitten by a wild animal.  it a figment of someone’s imagination and, or a werewolf folklore come true.

Bhediya review:  

 Horror and full comedy are, on their own, tough genres to pull off. Unless one has a tight grip on storytelling and cinematic treatment, a film in either category can fall flat. And this is where Bhediya comes up aces. Director Amar Kumar, who helmed the horror-comedy Stree by the same poster, handles both genres skil in his latest outing and strikes a fine balance to deliver a movie to that’s spine chillings in some instances, ribticklinglin almost all, and leaves you with something to think bayodata. Mythology surrounding werewolves have always provided mast meat to filmmakers for their storiesy, and here, Amar Kumar digs into the deep pockets of Arunachal rajy to tell a mysterious tale.

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The First and foremost, the most remarkable part about the movie is its visual super impact. While in cinematographer Vishnu Bhattacharjee has created the dark full and enigmatic world of werewolves with the background of the full moon in the midnight super jungles of Ziro and mountains splendidly, the fx are outstanding. Monsters and creatures in is  films can ften turn more Spotify than spookee because of shoddy makeup and effects. But not in Bhediya. The lead’s transformation from human to werewolf is convincing and terrifying.  The film has many jumpscares and the background score is only makes full things scarier.Varun is top-notch as the shape-shifting wolf. His act  will hopefully short shift gears in his career. He gives note this part his boll, and it shows. Whether it’s the dramatic and high-energy scene where he transforms another  a bhediya for the first time, to the hilarious scene when he struggles to slip into the werewolf's skin the in the second half — he excels. Abhishek Banerjee a Janardan, aka Jm, is on point and does not miss a beat with his comic timing. Even in intense scenes, his comedy punches land her, adding a certain lightness throughout this story that mostly unfolds in the full darkness of the night. He also has the funniest most lines in the film. Palin Kabak as Bhaskar’s Northeastern friend Jomin completes the bhediya pack and has outstanding chemistry with both the actors, especially Abhishek. Deepak , as Panda, also delivers a notable performance. Kriti Sanon's character as the vet, Doctore Anika, could have been better fleshed out. But she adds her bit to natek  the drama and comedy.

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Friday 9 December 2022

Drishyam 2 Good Story

 Drishyam 2 Good Story

Director: Abhishek Pathak

Writer: Aamil Keeyan Khan, Abhishek Pathak 

      Ajay Devgn, Tabu, Akshaye Khanna, Shriya Saran, Ishitn, Rajat Kapoor

 not difficult to discern why the Drishyam franchise across languages is now commercially verry successful. It’s i not the storytelling it’s the story. Beneath its cheap narrative tow lies the quiet endorsement of second-class morality. All the bases are covere. A wife and husband protects his family at all cast. halfeducated girl outwits a system designed to prey of people like him. Privilege is A parent of a super girl defeats the parent of an entitled boy. Performance is the super hero on ajay The family must pretend to be normal when they’re not. Most of all, a middle-aged Indian weaponis his best love for the movies. Cinema is his superpower. Escapism defines his escape. The flexibility of film –represented by the family man audacity and planning  is at war with the rigidity of story represented by the law enforcement process struggling to nail him. By daily rooting for him is we are reclaiming the relationship between cinep and human character. There’s a difference, after all, between visual and photo–one is determined by sight the other by societal.

A Hindi remake on Jeethuns Joseph hit Malayalam sequel, Drishyam  extends the meta commentary on this relationship. The smart thing about Joseph original screenplay is that the sequel, for most part, looks like a replay of the most 1 film.  the face of it then, history is repeating itself. Everyone is older but no wiser. Seven years later, the Salgaonka family led by protagonist Vijay (Ajay )  is again under scrutiny. They again note change furtive glances with each .  cat-and-mouse game in Goa resumes then hunt for evidence in Pondolendo continues. The IG (Akshaye ) might be new, but the team is not. Mother of the murdered boy, Meera (Tabu), is back from London, as is bad cop Gaitondent (Kamlesh ) from a long suspension. Vijay is again on the book fot for a majority of the investigation him ajay. The family is ortured again. The only difference is note that we audience, start from the spac of knowing where Vijay has show the body. So it’s not about outwitting the system is very anymore. It’s about outsmarting karma.

Testing our patience seem him to be part of the sequel conceit. Is lulls us into a state where we look at the film story  really watching it. This detachment means that we don’t dwell on some seemingly randomly details. Like then Vijay – who now owns a cinema holl preparing to produce his own mast  film. Like his vague meeting to with a scrip. Like his day-night drinkings sessions with a security guard slated to act in his so film. A the outdoor CCTV cameras that need to be repaire. Like a cemetery worker expresyens his reverence for Vijay. Like an on-handed chat about a book.

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Sunday 7 November 2021

Police Constable 2021 Online Quiz - 2

 Police Constable 2021 Online Quiz - 2

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Friday 5 November 2021

Police Constable - 2021 Online Quiz - 1

Police Constable - 2021 Online Quiz - 1

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Thursday 25 March 2021

What to do to increase hemoglobin HB count ?

Deficiency of hemoglobin (HB) is a common problem.  Which is caused by a deficiency of certain types of vitamins and minerals.  Not eating a balanced diet can lead to problems such as nutritional deficiencies and malnutrition.  Deficiency of hemoglobin in the body causes yellowing.  Many people treat it only with an iron pill, and many people treat it with a vitamin-rich diet.

How much should hemoglobin be ?

At birth

> 12.5 - ૨૪g / dl (grams per deciliter)

In women

> Age 15-16 years: 15-16 g / dl

> Age over 18: 12.1-16.1 g / dl

In men

> Age 15-16 years: 12-14g / dl

> Age over 18: 12.5-16.5 g / dl

Symptoms of hemoglobin deficiency

Fatigue, weakness, headache, irritability, shortness of breath, dizziness, not exercising.

It is not easy to guess that you are suffering from anemia.

Hemoglobin deficiency is caused by certain lifestyles and habits.

Women have an increased risk of hemoglobin deficiency in certain conditions.

When there is a deficiency of hemoglobin, especially when menstrual blood flow is high.

The risk of hemoglobin deficiency increases during pregnancy, after childbirth as well as while breastfeeding.

What foods should be taken in case of hemoglobin deficiency

Iron-rich foods

Iron is considered to be a very important element in hemoglobin deficiency.

Iron-rich foods such as spinach, almonds, dates, lentils, jaggery, etc.

Iron supplements can also be taken.  A doctor's advice should be sought for proper diet of iron as even more iron-rich foods can harm the body.

Increase vitamin-C intake

The body cannot fully absorb iron without the help of vitamin-C.

Vitamin-C rich foods like papaya, lemon, strawberry, red broccoli, capsicum, grapes, tomatoes and spinach should be taken.

Vitamin-C supplements can also be taken with a doctor's advice.

Felic acid

Felic acid is a B complex vitamin.  The body needs it to create blood cells.

Foods rich in folic acid such as green leafy vegetables, rice beans, wheat seeds, peanuts, bananas, broccoli etc. should be taken.

After taking the advice of a doctor, 500ml to 500ml daily supplements can be taken.


Beets are considered a very good food for raising hemoglobin levels.  It is rich in iron, folic acid, fiber as well as potassium.  It is very nutritious, as well as helps increase the number of red blood cells in the body.

ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો


Eating an apple a day can control hemoglobin levels.  Apples are rich in iron.  As well as other ingredients of apples are also beneficial for health, which also helps in raising the level of hemoglobin.


Pomegranates are rich in calcium, iron, protein, fiber and carbohydrates.  Its nutrients help maintain normal levels of hemoglobin in the blood, as well as help maintain blood flow.  Take a pomegranate for breakfast or drink its juice every day.

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